About Me


This is Cocoro the cat. She loves making music but unfortunately, she is has problems singing in pitch. "Perhaps... I'm tone deaf" she ponders to herself. Still Cocoro enjoys participating in music activities. She specialises in the tambourine, which she can play without feeling too self-conscious.

About me

Cocoro represents the average person; she represents me. I'm not particularly talented at music, but I enjoy making it and teaching kids about it. Perhaps you can identify with that?

As for me, I am a music educator based in Singapore. I've taught kids from kindergarten to high school levels. My hobbies include traveling, painting, pottery and studying Japanese. 

A few years ago, I realised that quite a number of people were finding my resources helpful, so I decided to be more deliberate about the way I created and shared them with others. 
You can check out my resources here!

My Philosophy for Music Education

I believe that in the music classroom, the most important thing is for kids to always be engaged in music activities. Kids learn through exploration and participation, so in every lesson should incorporate some sort of singing, ensemble playing, or composing activity. 

I hope you find this site helpful. I'm still in the midst of building it up and using it to share my musical ideas. If you have any comments,  feel free to let me know!