Bahay Kubo - A traditional folk song from The Philippines

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Bahay Kubo - A traditional folk song from The Philippines

If you're looking for a simple but fun folk song to do with your kids, try this one out:

Bahay Kubo, also known as "Nipa Hut," is a traditional folk song from the Philippines. The song tells the story of a small, simple house made of bamboo and nipa palm leaves, and the various vegetables that are grown around it.

The lyrics of the song describe the different parts of the bahay kubo, including the walls made of bamboo and the roof made of nipa palm leaves. The song also lists the various vegetables that are grown in the garden surrounding the house, such as eggplant, squash, and beans.

Bahay Kubo is believed to have originated during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines in the 16th century. Today, it's often used to teach children about the different types of vegetables.

The song is also popular in Filipino-American communities, as it is seen as a cultural touchstone and a reminder of their heritage.

The song has been covered by numerous artists over the years and it's been adapted in different languages like English and Spanish, making it widely known throughout the world. It has also been used in films, commercials and TV shows as a representation of Filipino culture.

Using the song Bahay Kubo in your Music Class

You can get the kids to listen to the song here:

Teaching Triple meter
This is also a great song to use to reinforce the concept of triple time. Get students to clap to a steady beat and emphasise the first beat by clapping louder. You can also get them to create a simple 3-beat ostinato with percussion instruments.

I've created a lesson package for this song that includes

- Cultural Information about the Philippines (each of my Filipino unit contains different information)

- Score and music track for the song Bahay Kubo

- Lyrics and meaning of the song

- Activity: Performing the song as a clapping game

- Activity: Advanced version of the clapping game

- Creative Group Activity: Create your own clapping game with worksheet

- Bonus Mystery song: (learn the story behind this meaningful song that has been translated into many languages)

If you're interested in conducting this, you can check the resource out here!

Music of The Philippines Clapping Game!
A World Music Package

Or get the entire lesson bundle below! It includes learning to dance the Tinikling Bamboo pole dance and playing as an ensemble to other folk songs like Tong Tong Tong Tong Pakitong.

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Music of The Philippines Teaching Bundle
Complete Filipino World Music Unit

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