Best way to teach kids how to read chord charts

Guitar Chord chart posters pictures fingering diagram

My kids have always struggled with reading chord charts. It's always just some disconnect with the way the chords look upright whereas their guitars are held sideways. I've recently found the solution to that. 

Instead of rotating the charts like some teachers do,  get your students to hold the guitar upright facing themselves. That way, they can see how the charts relate to the actual guitar. Then get them to point to where each dot should be on the guitar. Finally, they place the correct finger number on the frets and bring the guitar to playing position. The chords will make so much sense that way.

I've started to make these chord chart posters with photos of actual chord positions and I place them side by side with the chord diagrams. These have been soooo effective in helping students see how the guitar chord chart diagram corresponds to the actual guitar. I'm surprised you don't see posters like these around!

If you're interested in using them in your classroom, you can get them here too: 

Guitar Chord chart posters pictures fingering diagram

Here's a tip, when teaching your kids to read chord charts, get them to hold the guitars upright facing themselves so they can see how the positions correspond to the actual charts. After a while, they start to see the relationship between the guitar and the charts automatically!

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