How to encourage Growth Mindset in your music class

I don't know about you, but in my music classes, I find that my students are getting increasingly afraid of making mistakes. As they get older, they get less and less keen to "try" things they are unfamiliar about. This is a big problem.

Music is all about making mistakes and experimenting and having such a fixed mindset really gets in the way of learning. I have tried to encourage growth mindset in my classroom by being very careful with the kind of statements I use. Whenever kids make mistakes, I take the time to really praise them for being brave enough to try. I stress that I particularly like the fact that they were willing to make mistakes. Slowly, I do see that they are more willing to take on more difficult tasks. 

Recently, I came up with a set of posters to encourage growth mindset within the music class. 


Instead of "I can't play well", say "I will be able to play well with practise!"
Instead of saying "I hate this song" they will learn to say "I will give this song a chance!"

If you would like to purchase a set of them, you can do so below:

How to encourage Growth Mindset in your music class

These posters are beautiful and will brighten up your classroom with positivity.

This resource features 10 different designs with diverse ethnic representation.

Here's one free poster you may use for your class! Enjoy! 

Growth Mindset Music Posters For Musicians

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