Teaching the Japanese Taiko for Music Class

Learning about the musical culture from another country can be very exciting. One thing I have found very popular with my students has been learning about the Taiko in Japan. I usually start by letting pupils watch some Youtube videos about one of the games in the arcade that has been inspired by the Taiko. We then go about learning how to read some simple Taiko notation and then playing them.

If you don't have real Taikos in the classroom, you can substitute that with buckets. Get different sounds by hitting the center and edges of the drum. The sounds produced from hitting the center can be called "don" and "doko" while the strikes on the side are called "ka" and "kara." I usually end the activity by getting kids to compose their own taiko notation and then letting them perform it for their classmates.

Teaching the Japanese Taiko for Music Class
Taiko Notation for the classroom

 If you like to check out my full resource on the Taiko, click on the picture below!

Teaching the Japanese Taiko for Music Class
Taiko Lesson Package

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